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Snoe Beauty’s Handy Candy Lip Color

Snoe Beauty has recently launched new products in time for Christmas! This little lip palette is one of them! Handy Candy Lip Color comes in three wearable shades namely, Bubblegum, Strawberry Shake and Milk Chocolate.

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Handy Candy when opened:


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Swatches: Bubblegum, Strawberry Shake and Milk Chocolate.


Bubblegum is a pretty pink shade. Strawberry Shake is red with blue undertones. Milk Chocolate is a peach lip color.

Snoe product description:


What I like about Handy Candy:

  • Very pigmented. The swatches above are made with just one swipe.
  • I can build up the color with a lip brush.
  • Looks natural when applied with a finger.
  • It’s a cute keychain!
  • Sturdy plastic packaging and doesn’t open easily.
  • The lips don’t look weird when the color fades due to eating or drinking.
  • Doesn’t dry my lips.
  • Lip colors look matte to satin when worn.

What I don’t like about Handy Candy:

  • Stains my finger.
  • The bubblegum, strawberry and chocolate scents of the lip colors mixed into one “old school lipstick” smell. Fortunately, it’s not that noticeable when applied on the lips.

Watch out as Snoe Beauty opens at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas soon!

Check out their new website:

So, are you more into lipstick or eye makeup? I think I prefer lipsticks than eye shadows but I have yet to experiment on that. Soon, I hope, I’ll play with eye makeup! I just have to find an eye primer for my slick lids and a matte eyeshadow palette. Oh, and brushes, too!

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  12/12/11 at 04:15pm
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