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Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

One thing I truly love is meeting new people and I did just that yesterday when I accompanied Krissy of to the premiere of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol at Glorietta 4.

It was my first time in a movie premiere and the experience was awesome. Great movie, great people and great food. This is what the ticket looked like:


It was also sponsored by Coca Cola Philippines. They gave out Coke Zero to the audience. I had two cans.


Meet my new friends (from left to right) Eman, Krissy and Mich! Taking the picture is Frank and ticket provider is Ed. Thanks Ed and Krissy!


I had a wonderful time! Would you believe I was out all day (commuting from DFA to Quezon Ave) and I still had the energy to attend the premiere? haha I push myself too much.

Also, I realized I used four types of transport yesterday namely bus, jeepney, tricycle and MRT. Whew! What a day!

How’s your week so far? Catch a movie lately? I’d love to hear from you!

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  12/15/11 at 11:45am
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