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Saizen: Everything You Never Thought You Needed

I have been hearing about another store that has been making trends on the Twitter world lately and oh-em-gee I just had to check it out!

Saizen is another shopaholic’s dream. Who doesn’t love Japanese stores like Saizen? You could spend hours just browsing through the little knick-knacks trying to figure out what they were for. From food, kitchen tools, gardening tools, cosmetics, bath products, clothing, pet essentials and toys, your whole family will enjoy a visit to Saizen!

Let me share the things I bought:


Watercolor pencils and an adorable sketchpad. I hope I can share some sketches to you in the future! It’s one of my 2012 goals to revive my artistic endeavors. What are your goals for 2012?


White-framed vanity mirror, portable spoon-fork-chopsticks with case, rechargeable LED flashlight. You have to check out the flashlight! It doesn’t use batteries nor need to be plugged. You just have to pump it several times and it creates energy to light up! Cool, huh?


There are a variety of items perfect for everybody’s needs in Saizen. I bought all these at Saizen Galleria, their biggest branch!

Saizen is located at:

Ali Mall, Robinson’s Galleria, Marquee Mall (Pampanga), Trinoma, Pavilion Mall (Laguna), Abreeza Mall (Davao), Robinson’s Place Manila and Market! Market!

Saizen Website: link

Saizen Facebook Fanpage: link

Have you visited Saizen lately? How many hours did you spend there? haha Hope I can run into Beauty Venturers at Saizen Galleria or Saizen Market! Market! someday!

Happy Shopping Beauty Venturers!

  01/06/12 at 07:30pm
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