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HBC Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil Review

Recently, HBC has partnered with many beauty blogs and they’ve given away gift packs every week to two lucky people! On the first week of PeachyPink Sisters Blog, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to take home HBC’s best-sellling hair care products. Refer to the photo below to see what I received.


When I claimed my prize at HBC Shangri-La, the employees there were very friendly and exclaimed how lucky I was. Thank you HBC and PeachyPink Sisters!

HBC Products:

  • Hortaleza Professional Hair Cuticle Coat
  • Hortaleza Professional Smooth Out Style Cream
  • Hortaleza Professional Henna Wax Hair Treatment
  • Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil

One HBC employee recommended trying the Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil so I tried this one first.

Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil contains Black Pelan silt - an organic substance which is rich in minerals and lipids. Its botanical and mineral components condition the hair and scalp for a healthier scalp and smoother and shinier hair. It is also formulated with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to make hair healthy.”


Closer look at Hortaleza Hot Oil:IMG_7083

What I like about HP Hot Oil:

  • Despite it’s dark color, the formula did not stain my hands while applying.
  • Left my hair smooth and soft after air-drying.
  • Smells good but the scent doesn’t last long.
  • Has a soothing effect to my scalp.
  • Very easy application. Just like applying conditioner!

What I don’t like about HP Hot Oil:

  • It looks really freaky at first. It’s a dark green gel with black particles which I assume to be the Black Pelan silt.

How to use HP Hot Oil? (from the jar)

  1. Shampoo hair and rinse then towel dry. (Tip: Don’t rub your hair vigorously against the towel. Dry your hair by squeezing excess water while in the bath then pat your hair repeatedly between a towel fold.)
  2. Gently massage a sufficient amount of product onto hair and scalp. (Tip: Massage your scalp well to stimulate hair growth!)
  3. Leave for 20 minutes.
  4. For best results, process hair under steamer for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

I left the HP Hot Oil on my hair for an hour. After air-drying my hair, I noticed my bangs were straight and smooth (normally, they’re wavy and all over the place). HP Hot Oil made my hair soft and manageable. I recommend applying the HP Hair Cuticle Coat or the HP Smooth Out Style Cream after for best results.

HBC is currently having their (Y)ear (E)nd (S)ale! Check it out!


From HBC’s Facebook Fanpage:

“Gusto mo ba ng isang happy, beautiful Christmas? Go na sa HBC YES Year End SALE na gaganapin sa HBC Corporate Centre, Novaliches, Quezon City on December 1-2, 2011. 

Get up to 70% off sa inyong paboritong HBC products gaya ng San San Cosmetics, Hortaleza Professional, Allue My First, Hortaleza MD at Body Recipe. Kasama rin ang mga produkto mula sa Splash at Pfizer.

Bukod sa discounted items, may chance ka pang maka-avail ng FREE check up mula sa Uniliver at ma-experience ang FREE Exclusive Services sa HBC Makeover Van gaya ng facial, diamond peel, and hair colouring application! All these and more, sa HBC YES Year End Sale. Happy Beautiful Christmas!”

Like HBC’s Facebook Fanpage here:

Follow HBC on Twitter here:!/tweet_hbc

Visit the PeachyPink Sister’s blog here:

What a beautiful Christmas indeed! Have you visited HBC recently? What hair products have you recently tried? I’ll be waiting for your comments below.

Much Love Beauty Venturers!

  11/29/11 at 06:57pm

Lorys Hair Cream: A Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa for Dry Hair

Still having bad hair days? Still ashamed of anyone having contact with your hair? Resorted to Hair Rebond and Hair Relax? Well then, that was me back then. When I saw this on every blog I read AND THEN saw it on sale at a group buying website for half the price, oh-em-gee-I-freaking-hoarded-these. I died and my hair was saved. LOLs. Check these babies out!

When I said I hoarded, I meant it. Below is the picture of when it was delivered to my house by the group buying website. They even brought flyers because they thought I was running a hair salon! No Mr. Assuming-Delivery-Boy and Mr. Supplier-Representative, I am not a hair salon. I am only a a girl in-love with Lorys.


Lorys Hair Cream tubs from left to right:

Fruit Cocktail (450g), Duo Chocolate (1000g), Ceramides (1000g) and Fruit Cocktail (1000g)

From the Lorys Hair Cream Fan Page Information:

"Lorys Hair Cream is a product made in Brazil. It is an internationally recognized brand available in countries such as USA, UK, Venezuela, Pueto Rico, and many more. Just recently, Lorys has entered into the Philippines.

Lorys is made from all natural ingredients, which gives your hair a natural glow. It can be used as a conditioner or as a hot oil treatment. It is very simple to use even at your own home. Lorys enhances the growth and density of your hair and restores its natural shine and softness.”

This description cannot be more accurate. Lorys has become my daily conditioner and twice-a-week hair spa. My hair became soft, bouncy and surprisingly had less hair fall which meant my hair is now healthier! Yey!

Lorys Hair Cream Type and Purpose (from the flyer):

  • Fruit Cocktail - This is their best-seller because of the fragrance. It smells like four seasons fruit shake! The cream has two colors: pink at the top then it turns yellow when you reach the bottom of the tub. “This is developed for the care and condition of all types of hair.” I use this as a daily conditioner. My hair was constantly manageable after every bath.
  • Ceramides - This is the most moisturizing of all the Lorys I bought. “This is developed to deeply treat and condition the opaque and damaged hair.” Opaque means matte or no shine. When I use this, my hair feels heavy (in a healthy way!) and shiny thus making my thick wavy hair fall straight and soft.
  • Duo Chocolate - This is also one of their best-sellers because of the smell. This hair cream has “thermal activated silicone and was developed for the intensive care of damaged and sensible hair.” (I don’t know what they meant by “sensible” hair. Probably they meant sensitive hair.) As you can see through the tub, this cream has two colors as well: brown at the top then white at the bottom. This smells like white chocolate and could be mistaken as Nutella! haha
  • Snake Oil - This is for those who regularly style their hair with heat tools and hair color. “This is specially developed to protect, restore and condition damaged and chemically-treated hair.”
  • Shea Butter - The saleslady kept nagging me about this one because I had wavy hair. I might try this next time because this was “developed to deeply treat and condition curly and dry hair.” I’ve read in some reviews that this made their natural curls bounce and their hair super soft.

These are the ones I use currently. My Fruit Cocktail 450g ran out!


How to use Lorys?

  • Daily Conditioner - I recommend Fruit Cocktail all the way! The scent will instantly boost your mood! Only use this at the ends of your hair. NEVER let any conditioner touch your scalp as this will cause oiliness, dandruff and hair fall. Shampoo your hair and apply Lorys. Leave it on your hair while doing your usual bathing routine.
  • Once to Twice A Week Hair Spa - I apply this to my hair when it’s completely dry. Again, only massage the cream on the ends of your hair. Leave about 3-4 inches of your hair alone. When you’ve covered your hair with the cream, I suggest wearing a shower cap. Allow the hair cream to sit for about 20 minutes. I let mine sit for an hour because the weather is unforgiving these days. Gradually adjust you hair to how long you want the cream to penetrate every hair strand. Shampoo your scalp afterwards and let air-dry.

Closer look at Ceramides:


Closer look at Duo Chocolate:


Where to buy Lorys?

Lorys is available at all leading department stores here in the Philippines. I believe they also ship internationally. They are an international company in the first place.

How much is Lorys?

  • 450 grams for Php 185.00
  • 1000 grams for Php 350.00

Since I bought mine at a group buying website, I purchased all my 1000 gram Lorys for Php 175.00 each. I bought three 1000 gram Lorys and I qualified for free shipping. I sent the Fruit Cocktail 1000 grams to my boyfriend’s sister in Riyadh. She loves it!

I now say goodbye to the usual conditioners and pledge to use Lorys forever. It literally proves that hair miracles happen! Try this and you’ll see why I gush so much.

PS: Group buying website is Ensogo!

Much Love Beauty Venturers!

  11/22/11 at 10:27pm